Our services include strategic consulting, competitive intelligence reports, and support for content marketing (including custom reports, webinars, and presentations) that are built around each client’s unique requirements.


  • Market Positioning: Assessment of strategic positioning in light of market trends, M&A activity, new technologies and changing patterns of technology adoption.
  • Competitive Analysis: Offering SWOT analysis of key competitors, and the impact of new entrants and emerging business models.
  • Conference/Event Intelligence: Measuring the pulse of the industry at trade shows, gathering competitive intelligence, insights into themes from presentations by industry leaders, feedback from attendees.
  • Strategy Sessions/Sales Kickoff: Provide leadership and sales teams with an understanding of market trends they need to understand what’s motivating customers.


  • Help your customers understand technology that is impacting their business—and how a deeper understanding of innovative technologies can help them build a more efficient, more profitable, more secure service or product.
  • Help your executive team or sales team see the forces that are driving customers to adopt new technologies. the messages and channels to communicate to customers.

Market Reports

  • Ground your go-to-market strategy with timely, succinct analysis of key market trends and players. Gain an understanding of where investment dollars are flowing, and what M&A strategies will impact the market. Our research agenda for 2018 will be available for download soon.
  • Custom reports for market and competitive intelligence.

Newsletter – 

  • Our newsletter covering developments around edge compute and network services. A mix of original analysis and commentary with links to key stories that will impact how the market develops.

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