Edge Research Group provides market research, strategic advisory, and content marketing services for technology firms.

Our research is about exploring the ‘edge.’ Edge Research Group covers new ideas, new technologies, and companies that push boundaries to create new markets.

Our focus is on edge compute, storage and network services such as content delivery networks. Areas of research inquiry include:

– Network edge access and security services, as enabled by SDN

– Blockchain’s impact on networking

– IoT and its impact on edge network and compute services

Edge Research Group evaluates technology in the context of creating business value. Our research spans both public and private companies that are expanding existing markets and moving across the edge of one market and into another market.

Who we are

Jim Davis, founder and Principal Analyst, has a track record of providing insights into the technologies and companies that are influencing markets. Jim covers edge compute and network services.

Saurabh Vakil, MS(EE), MBA, is a Senior Analyst with Edge Research Group. He has an extensive background in consulting and project management with firms in India as well as the US markets. Saurabh covers AI/ML and IoT in relation to edge computing. Application of technology to the healthcare industry is an area of interest.